Standard Granite Slab

A stone has natural beauty, with varied shades, markings, veining and color. Just as in wood and other natural products, no two pieces of stone are alike.

Natural stone is made up of several different minerals, each having different degrees of hardness. Some of the softer or flakier minerals on the surface are removed during the polishing process, causing pits. These pits do not make the stone less durable or inferior. As a natural product, the slab may contain naturally occurring imperfections.

These characteristics, including color variations, irregular markings, fissure lines (which appear as hairline cracks), and polishing swirls all add to the beauty and rugged elegance that is normal with natural stone.

Natural stone slabs are literally cut from the side of a mountain; the coloring of any portion of a quarry wall will vary depending on the natural forces that have produced the rock. Colors will vary from one end of a slab to the other, and one slab to the next even from the same block. Some colors have a greater degree of shade and pattern differentiation.

Slabs can be selected at a stone yard and reserved by the consumer prior to fabrication.


Care and Warranty

In most cases, doing maintenance with normal non-abrasive kitchen products will keep your granite countertops looking beautiful.

The countertops were sealed at the time of fabrication/installation. The sealers do not make the counters impervious to stains; they slow the rate of absorption of the staining agent.

The best way to prevent staining is to clean the surface immediately after the spill occurs.

The stone countertops are very easy to clean. In most cases normal household cleaners will keep them looking beautiful. Soapy water, a neutral ph cleaner or specialized stone cleaner can be used.

For waterspots or hard food residue, fine steel wool #000 can be used in combination with non-abrasive kitchen cleaners.

To help control staining, counters should be resealed regularly depending on use. There are many quality sealing products available and advancements in technology continue to improve their lifespan and usefulness. They can be purchased at many design centers, home improvement stores and tile/stone suppliers. Be sure to discuss your needs with the stone sealer expert at these locations to find the right product for your use.

All installed stone countertops are sealed by us. After the installation is completed, the homeowner should inspect the counter. At that time any issues with the installation should be addressed and the completed job documents signed. If any aspect of the work is not up to industry standards, those issues are dealt with to the satisfaction of the store and/or homeowner. If damage occurs after that time, the counter will be repaired at a cost to the party responsible for the damage.

Countertop installations are warranted for one year from the date of initial installation. Failure due to fabrication or installation within the warranted time period will be repaired.

This warranty does not cover a full replacement of the countertop unless deemed necessary by The Top Source. Stone countertops are natural products subject to the forces that existed during their creation therefore; no material warranty is implied or available.