GEOS Sustainable Glass Surface

Flecked with jewels of color in a dense, durable substrate, GEOS blends recycled glass into a unique surface of superior strength and remarkable beauty.

Offered in a wide range of evocative colors, GEOS makes a striking visual statement and is a rare find among environmentally conscious products—it’s both earth-friendly and affordable. With a carefully chosen mixture of both post-consumer and industrial-use glass, GEOS gives new life to a cast-off resource. Combined with superior and proven binders, the resulting fusion of strength and beauty takes very little from the planet, and gives back an enduring product rich with colorful organic texture.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly countertop with a sophisticated color pallet, look no further than GEOS. GEOS is a new environmentally friendly countertop material made from recycled glass and a proven proprietary binder that ensures a strong and durable countertop that does not require sealing. Much of our glass is sourced from recycling centers or directly from factory by-product. The unique combination of colors make for an amazing array of colors that will set any kitchen apart.


Care and Warranty

GEOS Sustainable Surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean. For daily care and maintenance we recommend wiping the surface with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner such as 409®, Fantastik® or comparable cleaning product. The use of bleach or other harsh chemical cleaners is not recommended.

GEOS Sustainable Surfaces are non-porous so there is no need to seal or wax your tops. We do recommend however that spills be wiped up as soon as possible. In the event of a stubborn stain, we suggest soaking the stain with a mild cleaner combined with a nonabrasive Scotch Brite® pad.

GEOS Sustainable Surfaces are heat and scratch resistant. To avoid thermal shock, the use of a hot pad and trivet are recommended instead of placing hot items directly on your GEOS Sustainable Surface. This practice is also suggested when using crock pots or electric skillets. When cutting with sharp objects we recommend the use of a cutting board.

The GEOS Difference

Over the last decade, more and more companies strive to protect the environment in which we live. GEOS Sustainable Surfaces is the first recycled glass surface to combine an environmental focus with a product that is durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. The majority of recycled glass surfaces are made using concrete, making them porous. Over time, what was once a beautiful investment will be full of etches and stains if not properly maintained by sealing and waxing at least once every year. GEOS Sustainable Surfaces are non-porous and practically maintenance free, never requiring the need to be sealed or waxed. Backed by a 10 year warranty, GEOS Sustainable Surfaces is a choice you can live with.

GEOS Residential 10-year Warranty

EOS warrants through the fabricator to the original owners of installed EOS products for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation that the GEOS material will be free from manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, EOS will, at its option, replace the defective EOS products at no cost to the end user. The fabricator of the countertops reserves the right to repair the defect in a workmanlike manner should they judge that the material is repairable.

Please click here for more information about the GEOS Warranty.